Frequently asked questions

How do I know Prestige is the right program for me?

You have been searching for a flexible program to help propel you in to the grooming industry. You want to learn from a master groomer who takes pride in their work and created their education to be a continuous resource for you. This is Prestige Dog Grooming School.

How long until I start seeing results in my skills?

This will all depend on how open and committed you are to following the tutorials and implementing the techniques into your daily practice. Prestige is a full online certification program that teaches the key skills you need to build success in the industry. It is up to YOU to practice and take control of your skills.

Do I receive a certificate after I complete this program?

Yes. After you complete the modules, there is a final exam which, when passed, you will be issued a personalized certificate of completion.

What if I am unable to complete one module a week?

That's okay! Once you purchase this program, you get the program for LIFE! Including any updates that are done to the online program. Do it at your own pace, practice and refer back to the modules any time you need to!

Is there a coaching aspect to this program?

There is no coaching built into the program, but there is an option to upgrade your experience and book in a 2-hour LIVE Zoom coaching session with Danna, herself! This one time call will be up to you to contact us when you are ready to book in, and you can book in any time throughout your program.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Once you have purchased the program, you have immediate access to all of the materials and intellectual property. As well, a refund offers you a way out and this is an investment into your future career. Prestige is a compilation of expert knowledge and techniques, but it is up to you to practice and keep yourself accountable