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Do you suffer from eczema, shingles, or other skin inflammation ailments, but STILL feel wary about trying CBD products to relieve your pain? Let us assure you, taking CBD orally will not make you ‘high’, plus there are many ways to benefit from CBD without ingesting it.

You may be one of the thousands experiencing added discomfort from the side effects of pharmaceutical treatments. Or you may be nervous to begin a prescription because you fear serious side effects. Drugs such as Dupixent have been reported to cause symptoms as severe as infertility in a variety of users.

Growing research in state-of-the-art laboratories across the country are proving over and over that Cannabinoids (or CBD) are successful at SAFELY treating a variety of health issues.

Topical CBD oils, creams, and balms can offer a safer alternative or be a soothing supplement to your doctor-prescribed medication. And they don’t require painful injections.

Can CBD actually help treat eczema?

In a small anecdotal 2019 study, participants applied topical CBD-enriched ointment to their affected skin twice daily for 3 months.

After the 3-month period, participants saw improvement in their inflammatory skin symptoms.

Researchers concluded that topical use of CBD ointment (without any THC) is safe, effective, and can be used as a noninvasive alternative for improving inflammatory skin conditions like eczema.

In a small observational 2020 study, participants with self-reported eczema used CBD cream and then reported their symptoms. Fifty percent of participants reported that their eczema improved by more than 60 percent.

CBD Benefits for the Skin: Research Overview

People with eczema have to deal with several fundamental issues, all of which can lower their quality of life, from work to social interactions.

Dryness of the skin, inflammation, itching and vulnerability to bacterial infections are the common symptoms of eczema.

Here we explain how CBD may help:

  • Skin Inflammation – inflammation is inevitable in the body’s attempt to heal itself from the damage in the tissues. It’s a natural response of the immune system to the onset of an injury or infection. However, when the immune system starts to act out, inflammation becomes chronic — and that’s the problem. CBD has been shown to effectively curb inflammation by interacting with white blood cells such as microglial cells and macrophages that trigger inflammation. CBD also stimulates glycine receptors, lowering chronic inflammatory pain (1–2).

  • Psoriasis – CBD helps the body maintain homeostasis in the skin, taking care of the balance between all processes within it. Poor skin health is linked to psoriasis, dermatitis, pigmentation disorders, and eczema. Besides its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD creams can help alleviate symptoms of psoriasis by reducing itching by activating CB2 receptors on the site of the nerve fibers. This, in turn, modulates itching signals and soothes the skin (3).

  • Acne – According to a 2014 study, CBD exerts sebostatic and antiinflammatory effects on human sebocytes, which are responsible for the production of oils inside the skin (4). For one, CBD can make the skin feel and look less greasy. When it comes to reducing inflammation, it may prevent acne breakouts and speed up their healing, contributing to faster regeneration.

How to Use CBD for Eczema

CBD Cream Applied onto the Skin

The best approach to a CBD treatment for eczema is to combine oral and topical forms of application.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is thought to produce the best results. Using a whole-plant extract allows you to effectively restore the body’s homeostasis through the interaction with the endocannabinoid system and immune system. And since stress is a key player in many skin problems, taking care of yourself from within is one way to tackle the issue.

Rubbing a CBD cream to the irritated area causes the CBD to engage with the skin’s cannabinoid receptors to help lower inflammation, reduce itching, irritation, and pain. Therefore, a combination of high-quality CBD oil and cream can provide relief for eczema patients.

How do you choose a topical CBD?

The most important factor in getting effective relief with CBD topicals is to know how to pick ones with excellent quality ingredients. Even though much of the industry is still unregulated by the FDA there are dependable certifications that verify the standards of manufacturing and give proof of the purity of brand ingredients.

Other things to factor in are the percentage or grade of CBD as well as supplemental ingredients in the topical treatment. You will want to check to make sure you are not allergic to them and also cross-reference with your doctor that they will combine well with anything else you are taking.

Once you have found a brand or brands you trust, you can begin to explore an exciting, holistic, and intuitive new market that is working tirelessly to prove itself and bring innovative new solutions.

Tayco Farms is proud to be the FIRST family-owned company to produce 100% SOLVENTLESS PREMIUM CBD. We take immense pride in setting the highest standard for PREMIUM CBD products, and the healthiest options for families nationwide.

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