Caviar Cone, the Cannabis Connoisseur's Choice!

What is a Caviar Cone?

Here at TayCo Farms we make premium caviar cones on site. We use high quality Hawaiian Haze flower as well as solventless concentrate to create a masterpiece of a joint. Weighing in at a fat 750mg of CBD, after smoking one of these you will definitely feel the effects. A nice smooth hit creates what's known as the "entourage effect". The entourage effect is a "proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than THC act synergistically with it to modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant". As a member of the TayCo team, I can personally say that this is one of my absolute favorite products that we carry.

The Process:

We grind up 1.5 grams of our in-house grown Hawaiian Haze and pack it into a king size cone. We then weigh a quarter gram of solventless concentrate and pack it towards the end of the joint. The final step is sprinkling a tad bit more Hawaiian Haze at the end, that way the joint will burn efficiently.

What to Know:

If you are new to CBD we recommend consuming half of the cone, maybe even a quarter. There's a reason this joint cost twenty dollars, remember that! Veteran smokers, I'm talking to you now. If you have been consuming CBD and are interested in a little more relief, the caviar cone is the way to go. I have been smoking hemp for years and was very surprised when I first smoked a caviar cone. I felt instant relief of my anxiety and a nice entourage effect. If you are a hemp connoisseur then this is a must have!

Andrew Wyatt

Tayco Farms

Retail Division

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