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CBD NEWS: Cannabis-related Misdemeanors expunged? CBD helping horses?

Have a farm full of amazing animals but can’t seem to get them to relax during storms or painful injuries?

OR maybe you lived on the wild side when you were younger a got caught with a few handfuls of your beloved Mary-Jane and caught a few misdemeanors?

Either way -- get ready to read about the latest news on new legislation filed to expunge cannabis-related misdemeanors and how CBD can help your horses' health and deal with stress.

Legislation Filed in US House Would Create Expungement Process for Federal Cannabis Misdemeanor

A couple of days ago, Melissa Schiller from Cannabis Business Times detailed in an article,

Federal cannabis policy reform efforts have gained momentum this year; the U.S. House approved the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act for the second time in April and signed off on the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act for the seventh time last month, while Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., formally introduced his long-awaited Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA) July 21.

Now, lawmakers are taking steps to ensure that past federal cannabis-related misdemeanors can be expunged.

Rep. Troy Carter, D-La., introduced The Marijuana Misdemeanor Expungement Act July 29 to create a federal expungement process to clear non-felony offenses, according to a press release from Carter’s office.

Carter said the legislation, which is co-sponsored by Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., “will restore justice to millions of Americans who have suffered inordinate collateral consequences associated with marijuana-related misdemeanors.”

“These misdemeanors—even without a conviction—can result in restrictions to peoples’ ability to access educational aid, housing assistance, occupational licensing and even foster parenting,” Carter said in a public statement. “Delivering justice for our citizens who have been impacted by marijuana-related misdemeanors is a key component of comprehensive cannabis reform.”

“Given the number of states, like Illinois, where marijuana has long been legalized for adult-use, we must ensure that our criminal justice system keeps pace so that individuals with low-level misdemeanor violations related to its use does not preclude them from getting jobs and participating in society,” Davis said in a public statement.

Industry advocates applauded the bipartisan legislation Friday.

“The National Cannabis Roundtable and our members are committed to cannabis reforms that right past wrongs and advance social equity,” Saphira Galoob, executive director of the National Cannabis Roundtable, said in a public statement. “The Marijuana Misdemeanor Expungement Act does just that. We applaud Rep. Carter for his strong leadership on cannabis reform, and we wholeheartedly support this landmark legislation.”

“This landmark legislation will allow countless Americans to move forward with their lives, remove an impediment to economic progress and restore the ability to maximize their full potential—both for themselves and their families,” Roz McCarthy, founder and CEO of Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana (M4MM), said in a public statement. “Addressing the negative societal and economic effects permeated by marijuana prohibition at both the federal and state level will be critical as we seek to deliver comprehensive cannabis reform in this country. I want to thank Rep. Carter for introducing The Marijuana Misdemeanor Expungement Act, support expeditious movement through the procedural process and I look forward to working with them to move this bill forward in the weeks to come."

A Tarleton university study says CBD may help horses with stress & pain

A CBD oil product was successful in reducing levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in transported horses.

The study was performed at Tarleton University, a member of the Texas A&M University System, on a commercial product made by HempMy Pet.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is non-intoxicating and one of many phytochemicals found in Cannabis-sativa plant.

Tarleton used the company’s Full Spectrum Abacus CBD oil on horses to determine if it could play a role in mediating stressors, reducing the risk of injury during transport and handling, and minimizing overstimulation of the horse. hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, commonly referred to as the HPA axis.

Research has shown that higher doses of CBD (0.6 mg per kilogram of body weight) were more effective overall than lower doses of CBD (0.3 mg per kilogram of body weight).

In both assays, CBD was undetectable after 24 hours, with the highest blood concentration levels peaking four hours after dosing.

No differences were observed in the effects of CBD in male and female horses, but there was an increase in feeding times at both low and high CBD doses. The higher dose was found to have a much longer feeding time compared to the lower dose.

The research showed that there was a decrease in the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the transport part of the study, and that there was no lasting effect of CBD at either other dose levels.

Environmental stressors such as handling, transportation, and housing can affect aspects of a horse’s behavior, such as weight gain and feed efficiency, in addition to stimulating stereotypical behaviors, such as biting helm, self-harm and excessive aggression.

CBD has been shown to decrease anxiety due to a variety of stimuli in previous studies with dogs and mice, and researchers were encouraged to see similar results with horses.

Dr. Kimberly Guay, associate professor in Tarleton’s Department of Equine Science, has investigated the use of CBD in animals, including horses. “My research goals are to complete as many projects as necessary to better understand the physiological and behavioral responses of animals when consuming CBD and hemp processing by-products such as hemp seed meal.

“It is important to recognize the differences between these products so that we can classify and use them in safe and useful ways.

“Much more needs to be done, and we will continue to fill the gaps that remain regarding these products in our animals.”

Final thoughts

It’s becoming more clear that CBD is making its way through legislation and different research medical studies and proving to be effective in aiding not only humans, but large animals in being able to cope with stress, pain, and other health issues.

Could this be a turning point, where government bodies will begin to loosen the legislative grip on CBD manufacturers and actually approve more usage of CBD? No one knows for sure but changes are coming about as more and more studies point in the direction that CBD is more valuable to our health, and animals’ health, than we know.

If you have any questions about CBD and would like a TAYCO FARMS representative to help you choose the right product and dosage, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We tailor our CBD products to our customers and pride ourselves on providing 100% solventless CBD products to provide the healthiest choice.

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