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Relax and Rejuvenate: The Best CBD Spa Products for Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the incredible women in our lives who nurture, teach, and inspire us. This year, give the gift of relaxation and well-being with Tayco Farms' premium CBD-infused spa products. Perfect for any mom who deserves some pampering, our selections provide a serene escape from daily stresses. In this blog, we'll explore three standout products—Evening Peace, Floral Haze, and Herbal Haze—detailing their benefits and offering tips on how to create a luxurious spa experience right at home.

Lady taking a bath

1. Evening Peace - The Ultimate Bath Soak

Nothing says relaxation quite like a warm, soothing bath. Our Evening Peace Bath Soak transforms any tub into a tranquil oasis. It's more than just a bath bomb; it's a rejuvenating soak that combines the healing properties of Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and Dendritic Salt with a lavish dose of 1000mg Solventless Full Spectrum CBD Distillate. These ingredients work synergistically to relax muscles, hydrate skin, and leave a lingering scent that soothes the soul.


  • Muscle relaxation and skin hydration

  • Enhanced with Tayco’s hand-picked CBD buds for deep relaxation

  • Perfect for ending the day on a peaceful note

Creating the Experience: Encourage your mom to light some candles, play her favorite soft music, and let the unique blend of salts and essential oils in Evening Peace carry her away to a state of complete calmness.

woman applying a CBD roll-on

2. Floral Haze - Soothe and Restore with a Roll-On

For moms on the go, our Floral Haze CBD Roll-On offers a quick and convenient way to relieve sore muscles and rejuvenate the skin. Packed with organic aloe, extra virgin olive oil, and a potent 2000mg dose of Solventless Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, this roll-on not only addresses skin issues but also provides a hydrating and regenerative effect.


  • Immediate relief for muscle soreness and skin irritations

  • Easy application with the roll-on design

  • Infused with a blend of herbal oils for a refreshing scent

Creating the Experience: Suggest applying Floral Haze after a shower or bath, focusing on areas like the neck, shoulders, and wrists to ease tension and promote a sense of well-being.

Woman holding a whipped salve

3. Herbal Haze - Nourish with Whipped Salve

Herbal Haze Whipped Salve is an indulgence for the skin, combining nourishing ingredients and essential oils with 2250mg of Solventless Full Spectrum CBD Rosin. Its whipped texture and fresh herbal scent make it a delight for sensory rejuvenation, ensuring deep nourishment and lasting hydration.


  • Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin

  • Provides a calming sensory experience with its herbal scent

  • High concentration of CBD for enhanced skin health benefits

Creating the Experience: Advise using this whipped salve as part of a nightly routine. A small dollop can be massaged into the skin, focusing on dry areas such as elbows and knees, to lock in moisture and soothe the skin overnight.

FAQ Section

Q: Are Tayco Farms' CBD products safe for all skin types? A: Yes, our products are formulated with natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, we always recommend conducting a patch test first.

Q: How often can I use these CBD spa products? A: Our products are gentle enough for daily use. However, for best results, we recommend following the specific usage instructions for each product.

Q: What are the benefits of CBD in skincare and relaxation aids? A: CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent choice for skincare and muscle relaxation. It can help reduce redness, soothe irritation, and promote a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Woman smiling on mother's day


This Mother's Day, elevate your gift-giving with Tayco Farms' CBD spa products. Each product is designed to provide a unique and soothing experience, making them the perfect choice for moms who deserve some extra pampering. With Evening Peace, Floral Haze, and Herbal Haze, you can bring the spa to her, letting her indulge in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. Remember, the best gifts are those that make someone feel loved and cared for—qualities that every Tayco Farms product embodies.

Are you interested in the world of Cannabis or CBD? Are you curious of the health benefits and what they can do for you? Contact Tayco Farms via phone or email to speak with one of our experts who can help decide on a product, dosage, or just an overview of what CBD products can do for you.

You can also visit us at our new location in Crosby, TX located at 21224 FM 2100 RD

Crosby, TX 77532. We are always here to help you through your journey and healing, knowledge, and wellness.



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