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Which CBD Oil is right for me? And how do I experience the Entourage Effect?

There are three different kinds of CBD that can be used to help mitigate a variety of mental and physical health issues that you may face in your daily life.

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized the production of industrial hemp and its derivatives in the United States, millions of people use CBD to help cope with anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic muscle or joint pain, and more.

You have probably heard of different creams, vaping devices, oils, and snacks that contain CBD that all claim to help you feel your best. But, have you ever noticed that CBD products are labeled as either Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate, or TAYCO’s favorite, Hash Rosin and wondered what the difference is? Or, which one of these forms of CBD is best for you?

Or, maybe you’re wondering what CBD is and where to begin?

Regardless of the type of CBD consumed, it is still processed in the same ways. The human body is built with an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a role in regulating sleep, mood, appetite, memory, and reproduction & fertility. Cannabinoids found in the hemp plant that CBD oil is extracted from attaching themselves to the receptors in our ECS, which can have positive effects on the systems it helps regulate.

Below, we’ll dig deeper into the main types of CBD oil, including what they are, how they differ from each other, and what kind of benefits each kind can provide.

The Different CBD Oil Types

There are four, primary CBD oil types that you will find in most stores:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD

  • CBD Isolate

  • Hash Rosin

Full Spectrum CBD is derived from the entire hemp plant. The stem, leaves, flowers, and roots are all used in the CBD extraction process and none of the cannabinoids or other compounds are removed. The result is a more potent form of CBD that can have more therapeutic benefits than the other two forms of CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD is also derived from the entire help plant, but it undergoes an extraction process that separates and removes certain, additional compounds also found within hemp plants. This extraction process does not remove any beneficial cannabinoids or compounds, so those who wish to use Broad Spectrum CBD can still gain from its wide range of therapeutic benefits.

CBD Isolate contains only a single compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. The extraction process removes everything from oils and fatty acids to plant matter and terpenes to isolate CBD in its more pure form. You might think that “pure CBD” would have the most health benefits, but that isn’t necessarily true – it all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your CBD experience.

Hash Rosin is considered by many to be the purest form of cannabis. Rosin is a method of extraction that releases resin from cannabis in a variety of forms, like flower, dry sift kief, and of course hash. Rosin comes from high heat and immense pressure. The resulting product is known as solventless hash oil (SHO) using a rosin press. The hash oil is forced out of cannabis flower from the trichome heads. When done correctly, the full-melt hash is highly potent and very rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.

What Is The Best Form of CBD?

If you are looking for the type of CBD that can offer the most potential health benefits, Full Spectrum CBD is the way to go.

Not only can you benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD in its Full Spectrum form, but you can also benefit from different phytochemicals (like chlorophyll), fatty acids, and organic plant matter.

In addition, research suggests that cannabinoids and terpenes are most effective when different varieties all work together to create what is called the Entourage Effect. Because Full Spectrum CBD contains a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, this is the best option for those who are looking to maximize and broaden the therapeutic effects.

That being said, Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate may be the best choice for those who prefer a more mild flavor or want to customize their CBD experience with different types of CBD products that contain specific CBD isolates.

However, what sets hash rosin apart from solvent-based products is the fact that there is no solvent necessary. This is highly attractive to health-conscious cannabis consumers. Rosin can reach up to 90% in THC potency, while most flower reaches 30% at the most. As policy reform continues and the cannabis industry expands constantly, so do concentrate products. Consumers are savvy and seek out the safest and cleanest products possible

Getting the Most out of CBD Products

Start by determining what you’re looking to get out of your experience with CBD. Do you need it for pain relief? Anxiety? Insomnia? Or perhaps you need it for all three! Once you understand your needs, it will be easy to research which type of CBD is best for you, how often you should take CBD, and find the product that best fits your lifestyle.

TAYCO FARMS is an industry leader in producing solventless CBD products meaning, we only use heat and pressure and ice water extraction methods to make our entire line of products that are ideal for helping alleviate mild joint and muscle pain.

Our solventless extraction processes allow us to guarantee you are receiving the purest and highest quality CBD possible without any added chemicals or trace substances not natural to the hemp plant.

Visit our product page to learn more and select your new favorite CBD product!



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