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Spencer Taylor


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A Bit About Me

Bio: I am an adorable French Bulldog who has alpha syndrome with a side of drama king and sass. I love testing out our pet-friendly products the most. I help everyone tear down their boxes, and I check in often to make sure everyone is working hard. I love greeting customers as they arrive from my chair in the reception area. I always make sure the pet section looks nice and neat, I even go to the lengths of hiding the toys that don’t need to be there anymore and keep them on my bed in the office.

Favorite TayCo product: I love our K9 tincture. It tastes really good, and I don’t fight my mom when she gives it to me. I recently had leg surgery, so it helps with my pain and swelling. It also allows me to take a great nap, since I really like to sleep for 12 hours a day.

Why you’re passionate: I love CBD because it comes in treat form, and I am very passionate about food.

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