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Image by Milad Fakurian


TAYCO FARMS is introducing this November a challenge for all you Content Creators that love to create content for Social Media. To start the challenge, purchase any one of our NEW TAYCO PACKS that are available in our TAYCO CBD STORE.


Our NEW TAYCO PACK not only provides you value for your money but is tailored specifically to what you want to accomplish with your CBD experience. 

The Tayco Packs Challenge will consist of 3 rules to be eligible to win 3 amazing prizes from TAYCO FARMS. Here are the challenge rules:

  1. Create a Reel of one of our TAYCO PACKS (visit our website for the packs)

  2. Tag 3 of your Best Friends

  3. Post your Tayco Pack Reel/Video on Instagram

It's that easy!!!

We have 3 Winners and 3 prizes available for this Challenge:

🥇1st Place - 4 Tickets to your favorite Concert/Sports Game ($500 Limit)
🥈2nd Place - Special Edition Tayco Farms Water Pipe + a bonus ($350 value)
🥉3rd Place - A Tayco Farms Basket of a variety of CBD products ($200 Value + Bonus)

Let the games begin!

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