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Alex Taylor


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A Bit About Me

Bio: I am the owner of TayCo Farms. I mainly handle the back office, as well as research and development of new products. I am also Spencer’s Keeper, aka mom. 

Favorite product: I love our gummies. I have high anxiety and sleeping issues, so the gummies are perfect for taking away that anxiety and ultimately allowing me to breathe, get through the day, and follow up with a good night’s sleep. 

Why you’re passionate: I have always had a care-giver personality, and by working with CBD, I am able to constantly create new products to help all types of people. Dealing with severe anxiety, depression, and horrible female problems, being able to create something that I know is natural and won’t affect me later in life is incredible. I’ll try anything once, and I’m glad I tried CBD because it works great for me, and I’ve been able to see it do amazing things for others. That is what keeps me coming up with new ideas and creating new products, so that we can continue to help people no matter what!

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