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CBD Topicals are an OVERKILL for Chronic Pain

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Sometimes we wonder about the efforts that we put into science to help bring us relief from pain and chronic symptoms when there are already numerous natural remedies that are out there to help us.

It's as if nature itself has what we're looking for, and we don't need to always look at a synthetic option when looking for a way to help manage pain or help alleviate specific symptoms.

Instead of dwelling on why let's take that leap forward and realize that we have everything we need right in front of us. One of the absolute best remedies for chronic pain is actually CBD topicals, such as oils, creams, and ointments.

Yet sometimes we hear those words CBD oil, and we think of that other plant and those side effects, popularized by Hollywood and sometimes even by our friends and neighbors.

What is CBD exactly?

Let's take a glimpse into what we're talking about and CBD. This is an excellent point to clear the air, and we'll start with what it is not, and that is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

That mouthful of letters is what we know as the main ingredient in marijuana products today. It's what causes those highs and is a psychoactive compound that leads to those impaired moments that people get concerned about at times. CBD is nothing like these products and is not psychoactive itself.

CBD or Cannabidiol is chock full of alternative medicinal purposes that won't cause those mind stimulations that can be caused by excessive THC. In fact, it's been used as a remedy for thousands of years, and only in recent history has it had its association tarnished to a point where it was directly related to illicit drug use.

However, those times have changed, as new studies have revealed what we already knew from the past. This refresher has allowed the reintegration of Hemp plants to be grown, which used to be considered one of the primary crops to grow, as it had a variety of uses from medicinal to industrial, to even being able to fashion clothes from it.

When the oil is extracted from certain Hemp strains, that oil is what is known as CBD oil. When combined and then diluted with a partner product, such as coconut oil, for example, it ends up becoming an excellent soothing topical ointment that works wonders as a way to get away from medical options that may harm us in the long run.

How does CBD help with chronic pain?

The science of it all is that it combines with natural enzymes our body is already producing. When this combination happens, the CBD topical helps to relieve inflammation and thus reduce the pain that can be caused by excessive inflammation.

So those that have chronic pain illnesses such as arthritis can benefit from CBD topicals. It doesn't just stop with the reduction of inflammation. Still, the CBD topicals also react with our body receptors to send signals that lead to pain relief, making it an invaluable option for those that have even more severe diagnoses, such as cancer or fibromyalgia.

When it comes to cancer, there are a great number of side effects from its main course of treatment, which is chemotherapy. All those symptoms, especially nausea and lack of appetite, have been shown to be alleviated when CBD topicals are used as part of the overall regime. This is on top of the excruciating pain that these treatments can put people in.

CBD topicals also show great uses with those who suffer from neuropathic pain. This pain stems from damaged nerves, whether the disease is shingles or multiple sclerosis. It works similarly to its anti-inflammatory benefits, and it's all about natural receptors being activated to help disconnect pain receptors and connect healing receptors.

In addition, CBD topicals are also paired with additional elements and essential oils to help promote natural sleep, which is itself one of the best ways for your body to regain its strength and fight off that chronic pain. That's why they say sometimes the best medicine (besides laughter) is a good night's sleep.

What are the additional benefits of CBD topicals?

We already see that it can help with physical pain management and the reduction of inflammation, but CBD topicals also can help with mental pain and related disorders. CBD topicals have been known to have a calming effect that can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

CBD topicals combined with other natural remedies and activities have been showing more interest from people that have been suffering from these mental disorders for quite a while, and they want to try something non-medicinal.

What’s wrong with modern medicine?

Nothing for the most part! Modern medicine is a continuous miracle that has helped us prolong our lives and saved many more from situations that are not always in control. The many advancements have worked wonders for so many and continue to do so.

However, the issue doesn't stem from the advances of our medicines but from the societal dependencies that are grown from them. Have a toothache? Pop an anti-inflammatory. Have a migraine? Take Aspirin with caffeine in the pills.

It seems as tho when we walk into our local drug store or supermarket, there's always a big bright section that has some form of cure-all solution for the issue of the day.

Yet, the bottom line is they're just there to relieve symptoms and not go towards the direct cause of what was causing the issue to begin with. So we buy a large bottle of these and take the recommended self-dosage we've prescribed because it's easier.

But unfortunately, since these are entirely synthetic options, our bodies are treating them as a foreign toxic substances, which puts our cleaning systems, such as our liver and other organs, into overdrive to eliminate this waste.

It may not be a big issue occasionally, but it can end up leading to problems later in life over time. When there's an all-natural solution already that has been proven to help alleviate many of these common symptoms by activating what our body is already ready to use, it may be a good idea to switch to that option.

As we get older, our functions become reduced, and the constant damage we've caused to them to alleviate pain will eventually catch up with us.

There must be some side effects to CBD topicals

There are, in the sense that anything can have a side effect or adverse reaction to a small population. However, these are much less than over-the-counter drugs, or prescription drugs, as our body will only see these as natural elements to flush through. That's why they may cause tiredness, dry mouth, or sometimes even diarrhea, yet they are much milder even then.

If there is some topical dermatitis, it's probably from the skin being sensitive, and would be expected with other types of topicals, and is not directly tied to the CBD oil itself. In the end, the side effects are drastically outweighed by the natural benefits received from this alternative medicine choice.

Is it even legal?

Yes! The primary law came from the Federal level in 2018 with the passing of the Farm Bill. Regardless, as the regulations have become laxer since the Farm Bill passed in 2018 allowed for hemp to be grown again, each State has its own rules and laws on how to handle CBD oil-based products due to the fact that there is still a chance of potential mild side effects. However, the most common law across the board is that the minimum age is usually 18 years or older.

There are also standard rules in place that the CBD-based products themselves must have less than 0.3% of THC in them. This is because anything more than that percentage is considered enough of the psychoactive agent to be activated and cause the common side effects found with the consumption of THC-related products.

What are some great products to consider?

For those who are already seeing the benefits of CBD oil in their daily regime or just started to hear about it, a few products out there are a great choice to try out and start benefiting from these remedies that are thousands of years old.

One excellent option is Joint Jelly, which becomes anyone's new best friend for those who suffer pain from their joints! As noted earlier, these types of CBD topicals are always better off paired with other pain-relieving options, such as certain essential oils combined with terpenes (which is that specific smell that we can easily recognize). These smells, combined with the pain-relieving properties of CBD topicals, bring out a holistic approach to pain relief.

There are also some mint and peppermint oils in there to bring that cooling effect, which is always appreciated when looking for pain relief. So the only question you'll be asking yourself is why you didn't buy it sooner.

That's ok; we at Tayco CBD store are there for all of your needs when it comes to CBD-based topicals and, ultimately, starting a pain management regime that doesn't come from orange transparent bottles or over-the-counter medications.

We're proudly based in Texas and are constantly expanding our product line after we go through extensive testing with each of our products to ensure safety and effectiveness.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions about CBD topicals and how they can help with pain management or any of our other product offerings.



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