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The SECRET History of 4/20: a password had to be created.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Flashback to your Junior year of university. You enter your classroom and settle into your usual seat. The calendar on the chalkboard reads 20th of April. The semester is nearing its end, and pre-summer jitters are kicking in for everyone; even the instructors have started to get antsy.

There are about ten minutes to kill until your professor arrives. Everyone seated at the tables around you is discussing their plans. What plans? You wonder. And then it dawns on you: today is 4/20.

We've all heard of 4/20, the date infamous for its relation to weed, as well as 4:20, the best time for any activities that have to do with cannabis. Likely, you have even participated in a few of these special 420 celebrations yourself.

However, are you aware of the history of this hallowed term?

If you're going to participate in 420, you have to know enough about it to school all of your friends on its history. So take a hit or two, sit back and get comfortable in your chair, and let us educate you on the birth of your favorite date on the calendar.

What is the Origin of 4/20?

It only makes sense that the phrase 4/20, which has spread like wildfire since its original invention, was coined by a group of hazed-out high school students. After all, high school can be an extremely stressful experience, and cannabis is a beautiful way to aid in relaxation. Plus, teenagers tend to be creative about their nicknames and catchphrases.

Picture this: It's the year 1971. John Denver has just released what would become the classic hit "Take Me Home, Country Roads." Five high school students are excused from their last class of the day. It's 20 minutes past four o'clock, and these teens need some major chill-out time. So, what do they decide to do to relax?

Meeting under their school's statue of the great French chemist Louis Pasteur, the group of five students honors Pasteur's dedication to science by lighting up together. Soon enough, they are having the best of times, laughing and planning their next meeting. So it stands to reason that 4:20 is the most accessible time to host this little gathering.

From this occurrence, a password is born: 420 Louis.

For the next 20 years, this phrase is passed from stoner to stoner, never picking up more speed than a high guy on a bicycle. As a result, the term stays almost secret between cannabis users and their friends, creating a sort of brotherhood between them and cementing their use of the term. To these dedicated few, 420 is not only a secret password, a date, or a time…it is entirely a state of mind.

The Spread of 420

And then there is a major turning point: suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, fliers are circulating during 1990 Grateful Dead concerts with the phrase "420" scribbled all over them. The buzz is getting louder; the word is out.

No longer simply a phrase thrown out here and there, 420 is making it big in the major leagues. The term is now making its rounds from small-town stardom to full-time fame.

And although they are not directly credited on the flier, the five high school students who had met under the Pasteur statue almost two decades prior know that they have started a revolution.

The once looked-over fliers are copied and sent out to news organizations, who publish the information contained in the mysterious pages.

The Popularity Grows

Now that 420 has entered the limelight, people can’t stop talking about it.

A new holiday has come into play. Celebrated on the 20th of April, at 4:20 on the dot, 420 is now a day wholly dedicated to cannabis users. But the phrase is not only for those who are on the outskirts of society.

References to 420 burst onto the movie scene instantly. Featured in Quentin Tarantino’s hit Pulp Fiction and Sophia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, the term quickly became prominent in Hollywood circles.

Then the internet catches on, publishing websites that center around the concept of 420.

Proof of the phrase's origination comes to the surface as the original five students who invented it produce dated letters and posters from their time in high school. The students are honored for their contribution to this cultural revolution at cannabis-themed shows and ceremonies.

Acceptance of cannabis use skyrockets among the general public as 420 and its accompanying habits become more normalized. As a result, parties and events taking place on the 20th of April start popping up in homes and businesses. In addition, organizations that support the utilization of cannabis have begun hosting 420 events, award shows, and dances.

Federal funds are granted to pour time into researching the marijuana plant and its health benefits (as well as possible risks). Government agencies are created, and laws pop into place. Certain politicians come out in blatant support of cannabis use, while others state that they are starkly against it. There is a push across the Western world for the legalization of the plant.

The creation of 420 is transforming the world.

THC vs. CBD: Know the Difference

And so, now you know the history of how 4/20 came to be.

And while learning about the history of 420 is an excellent start for any marijuana newbie, if you really want to be able to get "in" on the celebrations, you will want to know how you’ll be celebrating.

Because there are many components of the cannabis plant, I could write an entire book on its various uses. Today we will be discussing just two of your options.

Two of the most popular and accessible products of the cannabis plant are CBD and THC. These well-known derivatives of cannabis are widely acknowledged as beneficial for both medicinal and recreational uses.

However, despite this similarity, CBD (referring to the Cannabidiol extracted from cannabis) and THC (which refers to the extracted tetrahydrocannabinol) have a significant difference that any cannabis user needs to be aware of.

The most impactful distinction between THC and CBD is that THC is psychoactive while CBD is not. This means that the use of THC will impact not only how your body feels but how your brain responds to input as well.

The psychoactivity of THC is caused by the manner in which it binds to your brain's receptors. THC activates the receptors, creating the "high" we are so fond of. These receptors control aspects of your experience, such as mood, pain, and other sensations.

CBD is not psychoactive. It is considered a “non-intoxicating” derivative of the cannabis plant. The lack of a “high” produced by CBD is thanks to the antagonistic manner in which it binds to your brain’s receptors, dampening their intoxicating impact.

Doubly, in most places, laws exist to prohibit the production of CBD derived from anything other than hemp. Hemp is never psychoactive, meaning that the CBD derived from it won't be either.

THC vs. CBD: Which Should I Pick?

At the end of the day, the option of whether to try THC or CBD depends upon what your desired effects are. While there are some similarities between the two compounds, you also must consider the difference previously discussed.

Choosing THC would mean accepting the psychological effects your ingestion of the substance will create. It would also mean taking safety measures, such as avoiding operating a vehicle and being aware of the possible contraindication of certain medications and alcohols when they are taken in tandem with THC.

In addition to this, THC is not yet legalized in certain areas. This means that there could be legal consequences to your use of THC if your location does not have an allowance for THC use.

If you were to ingest CBD, on the other hand, you would not experience any intoxicating effects. Instead, you may feel slightly relaxed, some pain relief, and even possibly relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression. Also, CBD is legal in most areas, which means that there is no need to feel concerned about your use of this substance.

Keep in mind that if you were to ingest both THC and CBD in one sitting, the CBD would dampen the psychoactive effects of the THC, causing a lessened “high.”

Where Can I Purchase CBD?

While most 420 celebrations are motivated by a desire to ingest THC, some cannabis users also (or solely) enjoy the utilization of the CBD derivative of the cannabis plant. If the benefits of CBD sound like something that you would like to experience, read on.

You should be careful when selecting the location where you will be shopping for your CBD. Some stores do not carry CBD that is as potent as they are advertising. Others are not careful when selecting their product, and so they may contain additional unnecessary chemicals which could be harmful to ingest.

Always do your research on the reliability of a store or website prior to making a purchase of an ingestible product. Also, be wary of the many scams on the internet in the world of cannabis.

For these reasons, choosing to shop at is the best move you can make. Tayco CBD carries any product you could ever desire for all of your CBD needs.

Their high-quality formulas and careful examination process ensure an enjoyable experience. Tayco CBD is dedicated to providing a reliable and consistent product time and time again.

Visit Tayco CBD Store today to find and purchase a product that you will love!



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